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What is a Standards Based Music Classroom?

Are you being asked to have a Standards Based Classroom-- in music?! When I was first told this was required of me, I had no idea how to create a standards based classroom for my elementary music room. I am sharing all of the tips and tricks and things that should be on the wall of a SBC. Becca's Music Room

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Elementary Music Classroom Tour

Oh classroom tours.... how I love them. But yet, there never seem to be enough classroom tours when it comes to music teachers. Guys-- I want to see your classrooms! I figure that others must feel how I do to, so I am doing a classroom tour today! Now, it is not 100% clean (we've… Continue reading Elementary Music Classroom Tour

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Routines You Need in the Music Room

All teachers know that classroom management is essential for learning. This is very true in the music room—without classroom management, how can you play instruments or do dances? An essential part of classroom management are routines. Routines keep things orderly. And if students do them enough, they will be so second nature that you do… Continue reading Routines You Need in the Music Room

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Best Tools for Staying Organized as a Teacher

Teachers have a lot of things to do: lesson plans, grading, concert, PTA meetings, field trips, copies…. And that does not even include teaching the kids! Factor in personal life and non-work related commitments and staying organized can be a nightmare. I, personally, have to juggle work, choir, keeping up with the house and dogs,… Continue reading Best Tools for Staying Organized as a Teacher

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The Best Classroom Purchase Ever!

As school starts, teachers purchase a lot of things for their classrooms. Some stock up on pencils, pens, crayons, and composition books. Some redecorate their classrooms. I tried to spend a minimal amount of money. I think it is good practice to save as much money as possible in the classroom. Ten dollars here and five there… Continue reading The Best Classroom Purchase Ever!