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Fall Music Center Activities

Last week, we talked all about the ins and outs of centers in the elementary music room (Check it out here!) This week, I am sharing some fun (and easy!) centers activities that are all Fall music center activities-- because themes make everything better, right? These are just a couple of ideas, definitely not an… Continue reading Fall Music Center Activities

Elementary Music

Centers in the Elementary Music Room

Centers are definitely the trend in education right now. There are a ton of benefits to having centers-- they can be easily differentiated, you can work with students in smaller groups, which means they get more attention, and hypothetically students should be engaged because there are many different things that they get to do. That's… Continue reading Centers in the Elementary Music Room

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Feed the Monster Rhythm Game (for Centers!)

Rhythms centers can be really fun.. or really boring, depending on how you handle them. My kids always love them, because I try to include at least one game. Now, I love to stick to crowd favorites, like Kaboom! (seriously, they are disappointed it we don't play this one!) or Go Fish (yes, even my… Continue reading Feed the Monster Rhythm Game (for Centers!)

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Super Simple Differentiation through Music Centers

Super Simple Differentiation through Music Centers. Looking for a way to help students who are struggling with rhythm? Or push students who are ahead of the rest? This differentiation guides helps you find easy ways to makes your elementary music lessons more or less complex to accommodate a variety of learners! Becca's Music Room