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Using The Wolf Singing Game (We Are Dancing) in Elementary Music

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Wolf (AKA We are Dancing) is one of my third graders’ all time favorite singing games. The Wolf singing game is simple, it is fun, and it can be used to practice quarter and eighth notes or la. 

This song has an official game, and also a way-that-we-play the game that is much less chaotic. We’ll talk about both, as well as a few things that I like to do with the singing game below.

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Wolf – We Are Dancing Singing Game

First off, the song. 

Sheet music to Wolf - We are Dancing in the Forest from Becca's Music Room
click here to download printable PDF free

Wolf/We are Dancing can be used to teach quarter and eighth notes or la. I typically use it with second and third grade.

a graphic that says the wolf singing game for 3rd grade music class with a photo of a wolf in a blog post from Becca's Music Room

Wolf Singing Game #1

Officially, the singing game that goes with this song is a chase game. 

  • Students are in a circle while they sing the song.
  • At the end of the song, the students say, “Wolf are you there?”
  • If wolf says something silly (I’m at the drive through to Chickfila!), the students repeat the question
  • If the wolf says “I’m here” then the wolf tries to tag as many kids as possible. Then the tagged students become wolves. 

Full disclosure, this can get very chaotic. One way to have less chaos is to have the students one one side of the room, and have them run to the other side of the room. The other side would be base. This way, they have a determined path instead of scattering. 

You could also have the students who get tagged be out instead of becoming wolves, so that there are less people running around. 

Or you can play with all of the chaos– just know your kids!

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a graphic that says how to use wolf/ we are dancing in music class in a blog post about using the wolf singing game to teach la in elementary music by Becca's Music Room

Wolf Singing Game #2

I discovered this game during distance learning, so chase was not an option. 

Instead, we played a different way:

  • Students dance in the forest while we sing
  • At the end, if you are moving, the wolf eats you and you are out

In this version, I usually only call one person out each round. I have that student come to a xylophone and play the xylophone to the beat. They do this for three rounds, then go back in. 

Alternatively, sometimes they just sit down and we play until we have a winner.

This second version is also great if you end up going into the teachers’ classrooms for any reason, because you don’t need nearly as much space. 

I also use this song to practice either quarter and eighth notes or la, and specifically we practice playing la on the xylophones along with the song. 

I share exactly how I teach the song and game in my lesson pack. It has all of the visuals that you need, plus it goes in a sequential order so your lesson plan is already done. It makes teaching The Wolf Singing Game (and la!) incredibly easy.

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Have you use the Wolf Singing Game before? Which version did you use? How did it go? Send me a message on Instagram (@beccasmusicroom) and let me know!

Happy teaching!


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a graphic that says how to use wolf - we are dancing singing game for la in a blog post about the wolf singing game for la from becca's music room
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