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The Snowy Day Music Lesson for Ta and Titi

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When it comes to children’s books, The Snowy Day is one of the best. Since I loved a themed lesson, I decided to incorporate this picture book in my elementary music classroom for my kindergarten and first grade music lessons. Learn how to use The Snowy Day music lesson in your elementary music lessons for movement and prepping rhythm by teaching one sound or two!

This book based music lesson includes a movement section and a prereading rhythm section. I use this book as a prep in kindergarten or first grade before I teach students to read music. We start learning about one sound v. two, making patterns, composition, and more!

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And if you want this lesson to be even easier, purchase the lesson pack to go with it. There’s a Google Slides presentation to teach the whole lesson, printables for the students to use for snowy composition, and even a move along video to Vivaldi’s Winter!

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The Snowy Day Music Lesson for Movement

  • First off, read the book! The first time I read it, we just read it. 
  • Next, add some actions. I go back through the book and we act out each of the different moves from the book– putting on our snowsuit, walking with our feet turned out and in, throwing snowballs, etc. Sometimes I read the book and sometimes I use the Google Slides from the lesson pack so the students can see it even bigger. 
  • Then on another day, we will start our Snowy Day music lesson with a video of all the actions from the book set to Vivaldi’s Winter! I like incorporating it and using those same actions from the book. The video is available in the lesson pack.

Snowy Day Music Lesson for Rhythm

  • After we warm up with The Snowy Day music lesson for movement, we start looking at the rhythm. We talk about how Peter made movements in the snow where he walked and dragged his feet. I tell them we’re going to do some of the patterns too. 
  • I put on the board pictures of footsteps and then a drag shape. I read the pattern (walk walk drag, walk walk drag) and move my feet accordingly. The kids repeat after me and move around as well. We do this a few times to get the hang of it.

  • Then, we make patterns as a whole group. I’ll put up the composition slide and have students take turns raising their hands to choose the next movement. Once we have four, we will “perform” the movements around the room. 
  • Partner time! Get kids into partners and give them the “board” (composition sheet) and the walk walk and drags. I laminate these so they are useful longer, but you don’t have to. Students work with their partners to create patterns and then walk them around the room. 

Other options for Snowy Day book based music lesson

  • Make a craft! Have students glue their pattern down. They can color the background and take it home, or hang them up on the bulletin board!
  • Add solfege! Have students put their walk and drag cards above or below the line in the center to create “high low” patterns they can sing on sol and mi. 
  • Add some instruments! Have students play along with their patterns or their classmates patterns. 

So there’s your lesson! You kids will love creating their first patterns and moving along with the book.

Don’t forget to grab the lesson pack here.

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Happy teaching!


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