Teacher Self Care Challenge


I’m going to say something that may upset you: Teachers need to focus on themselves.

Yes, I said it. Teachers need to focus on themselves.

Teachers are givers, which means that we tend to do everything for everyone else. We like to give, we like to help– and that’s great! The problem with that, though, is that if you focus on other people– your students, your spouse, your kids– you can forget to take care of yourself.

That’s how we get to the #teachertired

I hate #teachertired

Teachers use their exhaustion as a badge of honor– but it’s not. Because tired all of the time is not good. That means that you are not living life to the fullest. It means that you will get more frustrated, and your patience will be thin. It means that you are not at your full potential.

So…. We are doing a self care challenge.

And you can join.

This is a month long challenge, but it doesn’t take a long time. Once a week, you’ll get access to a short video where we talk about one specific thing that you can do this week to get less #teachertired and more happy. Each week a little bit of your stress will melt away.

You will also get a print out of the action item for the week, to keep you on track. The print out will explain what you are going to do this week to do get less stressed. Each action item takes less than ten minutes, and you will gain a lot of time. And yes, it’s free!

So, if you’re ready to stop feeling #teachertired and start taking control of your life, click below!


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I can’t wait to see how your life changes!