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Christmas Rhythm Composition with K-1

When it comes to rhythm, especially in the younger grades, some things are easier to teach than others. Making rhythms that match songs-- easy. Repeating rhythms-- easy. Even reading rhythms-- easy. But what about improvisation and composition? That's a little harder. I talked about improvisation and how I set that up in my Rain v.… Continue reading Christmas Rhythm Composition with K-1

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Vamos a la Mar Orffestration

We are now entering week three of Hispanic Heritage month lesson on my blog! This week I am going to talk about the Guatemalan folk song “Vamos a la Mar”, which means let’s go to the sea. I have been using this with my second and third graders, and they love it. I also taught… Continue reading Vamos a la Mar Orffestration

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Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month is one of my favorite things to teach. Many people have schools with large groups of Hispanic students. I do not. But it is still fun. If you do not usually do music lessons from different cultures, this Hispanic music is one of the easiest ones to start with. A lot of… Continue reading Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month

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DIY Music Manipulative: Battleship

Funny story: Last year, I was working really hard to get my students to learn the notes of the treble clef. Towards the beginning of this adventure, I gave them all staves to look at, and bingo chips. I’d say, “Put a chip on line one. Put one on space four.” And on and on.… Continue reading DIY Music Manipulative: Battleship

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Ways to Destress After a Crazy Day of Teaching

I am not going to lie, today was awful. Of course, by the time you read this, it will no longer be "today" anymore. Four of my six classes were crazy. It was like every management tactic I could think of did not work. I tried everything that I knew how to do, and it… Continue reading Ways to Destress After a Crazy Day of Teaching