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Snowman Movement Activity for Winter Music Warm Ups

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Why, hello there winter! Just kidding, I live in Georgia, so it’s not that cold. That being said, we like to pretend it’s winter here: bundle up in our lightweight jackets while doing fun snow themed music activities! This snowman movement activity is one that I made up last year as we needed something fun to do as a warm up, and we were doing all Winter music lessons. You know how I love a good themed lesson. It’s perfect for the littles (kindergarten, first grade, or second grade), will get them moving, and it’s not that crazy. 

All you need is a piano and some mediocre piano skills. I mean, you can have awesome skills, but I don’t, so it’s not necessary. 

I like this as a warm up, but you could also use it as a brain break, and you could even use a different instrument. 

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How to do Snowman movement activity

First, I show the students pictures of some snowmen. You may not need to do this but, again, I live in Georgia and most of my students have never made a snowman before. Have students try to match the snowman pictures on the screen with their bodies. 

After we’ve practiced our snowmen movements, introduce the students to the moves. I introduce one, have them practice it, then add another one until we’ve learned them all. 

  • Loud chord (I use C major) = make a snowman pose
  • Quiet repeated notes = tip toe around the room
  • Descending passage = melt to the ground
  • Ascending passage = come back to life

Note: for the ascending and descending, I just use the first 5 notes of the C major scale. Keeping it simple over here!

And that’s it! I love a simple activity that keeps them engaged.

I typically do this twice, the first time we stay in our seats and the second time we move around the classroom. 

Picture of a snowman with the text winter movement music lessons for kindergarten through second grade in a blog post about a snowman themed movement activity for winter music lesson from Becca's Music Room

Other musical snowman activities for Winter music lessons

The Snowy Day

The snowy Day is one of my favorite books to use with kiddos! We match all of Peter’s movements and use “walk walk” and “drag” as a precursor to quarter and eighth notes. 

Check out the lesson here!

And get the book here.

The Perfect Snowman

This is the book I originally used with this lesson. I also made up a snowman song that I may share with you one day (maybe). 

Click here for the book.

Snowman matching games

With the second graders, this snowman movement activity is the perfect precursor to snowman matching games. I especially love using the sol mi one with them, but possibly the la one depending on where they are in their knowledge. 

I also have snowman matching games for rhythm, treble celf, piano, recorder, and more!

Click here for shop snowman matching games!

Vivaldi’s Winter

Of course, if it’s winter, we listen to Winter. 

I like to use this one to have the kids “ice skate” to, or draw wintry scenes to deck out our room. 

Last year, I used bulletin board paper and drew some trees and houses, and had the students all work together on one giant piece of paper like a massive coloring sheet.

Need more Wintery music lessons? Check out Winter Olympics themed lessons here!

Happy teaching!


Picture of a snowman with the text elementary music warm up for winter in a blog post about a snowman themed movement activity for winter music lesson from Becca's Music Room
Picture of a snowman with the text snowman movement activity for music in a blog post about a snowman themed movement activity for winter music lesson from Becca's Music Room
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