New Teacher Course Day 6

Today we’re talking about classroom management.

This is super important, because classroom management is how your kids act in your classroom– so it literally covers everything.

And if the kids can’t act, they won’t be able to learn either.



When it comes to your classroom, you’ll want to make sure that you have routines.

You’ll need to decide what rules you have in your class. You’ll want to keep these short and sweet– too many and the kids will not be able to remember. They also need to be in kid language so that the kids understand what the rules are.

And then you’ll need to be able to teach the kids the rules.

You’ll also want a system for how to deal when kids do the right thing or the wrong thing. Here are some ideas.

Specific classroom management ideas:

Need more help? Here are some of my favorite classroom management books (affiliate links):

See you tomorrow!