New Teacher Course Day 5

Today we’re talking about how to teach each individual concept



You’ll want to follow this method for each concept:

  • Prepare: Using the rhythm or melody without naming it, so that they are getting ready.
  • Present: When you actually teach what it is and what it looks like.
  • Practice: Singing the concept, playing the concept, writing it, composing with it, etc.
  • Assess: Make sure the kids know what it is about!

For each concept you’ll want to incorporate it a few different ways:

  • Singing
  • Playing on body percussion (for melody, you can also include moving your hands higher or lower or using solfege hand signs)
  • Playing on instruments
  • Indentifying
  • Reading
  • Using manipulatives
  • Dictating
  • Writing/composing

You can do assessment many different ways– by watching the kids read, listening to them sing, having them respond with hand signs or actual signs, worksheets, exit tickets (really quick assessments before the kids leave), etc.

Here is a blog post all about different unconventional (read: not test) ways to assess your kiddos. 

See you tomorrow!