New Teacher Course 1


Welcome to the course!

In this course, we will talk all about what you need to know and what you need to do in order to teach elementary music. I’m not going to lie– there’s a lot that goes into teaching elementary music. But we’re going to break it down into easy to manage pieces.

Let’s start with something simple…. What do you actually teach?



Here’s a link to a sample Kodaly sequence. (Disclaimer: this has a lot more concepts than most people get through, depending on how often you see your kiddos.)

Here’s my sample sequence…


Things to remember about your sequence…

  1. It’s a guideline. It’s there to help you. Don’t stress about following it to a T– if your district is doing a special project and you need to switch the order of something, do it. If you gain a bunch of kids who are behind where your kids are, don’t stress. Start where they are. 
  2. Quality is better than quantity. It’s better to teach less concepts more fully than to teach tons and tons of things but your kids do not fully understand them. Make sure that you go for quality and depth. 


See you tomorrow!