The purpose of this disclaimer is to provide transparency to my readers, and also abide by the FTC’s rules.

This blog is first and foremost a source of joy and fun for myself. It is also (hopefully!) helpful to my readers. In addition, it may help me to earn some extra money. There are three main ways this blog earns income:

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you click on a link on my blog to a product, I may earn some money. Basically: you pay the same amount of money, and I get a small commission.

I only link products that I have personally used and loved. I only link products that fit into my posts. And if I cannot find an affiliate for a product I love and want you to know about, I will use a non-affiliate link.

2. Advertisements

As you can see, I use advertisements on my blog. I get paid a commission based on how many people view my blog.

The companies who advertise may use cookies to track what websites you visit so that they can find ads that are more focused on your taste. You can turn cookies off by changing your settings

3. Sponsored Posts

Sometimes I may work with a company to write a review of their products. In this case, I will explicitly say this at the beginning of the posts. I only post about products that I think are worth posting about. If it doesn’t fit into my blog, or I don’t like it, I will not endorse it.

In addition, I do collect email addresses so that I can send email updates to my readers. I do not sell or give these emails to anyone. I do not give out any information to third parties.


In conclusion, making money is not my main goal and my readers are more important to me than the money is.


If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know! I want to know any ways that I can improve my bogs.