Hi everyone! I am so glad you are here! I’m Becca of Becca’s Music Room.

I am first and foremost a collector of hobbies, so if you notice that the Music Room isn’t always about music don’t be alarmed! It may not be the best blogging practice, but it is just me. I have a lot of interests, but managed to narrow it down to only 4 main topics for you: music, teaching music, teaching Children’s Church, and reading.

How I got Started

I got drafted into teaching Children’s Church. The week after I was too old to attend it as a child, my teacher announced that I was the new “helper”. I helped all of middle and most of high school, at which point I started teaching. From tenth grade on, I have been teaching 2 to 4 (yes, 4!) times per week. I learned how to manage kids and teach them about Jesus before I had any idea of what I was doing.

Four years of college and one semester of student teaching later, and I am an official music teacher! I teach elementary music at a Title I, inner city school in Savannah, Georgia. It is definitely not a walk in the park, but I love it. There are days that I think, “I cannot believe that someone pays me to do this.”

And other days that I think, “They do not pay me enough for this.”

But I figure as long as the good days outweigh the bad days, it will all be ok. In all seriousness, I do love it.

Other facts about me:

I am married to the greatest guy in the world. He is super sweet, supportive, and continues to surprise me. We have two large dogs; a German Shepherd and a German Shepherd-Husky-something combo.

We are in the process of buying our first house! I am very excited, and it may lead to many room reveals.

My other hobbies include kayaking with my dad, SCUBA diving with my husband, painting with my mom, and playing simple Disney songs on my cello.

What will be in my blog?

Music: Mostly practice tips and tips on how to fit more music into your life.

Teaching Music: Because I am new to teaching, most of the posts for the time being will be about being a new teacher. I do not suppose to have any of the magic answers, especially because I am new! But hopefully I can help a new teacher or two out there.

Children’s Church: This I do know about. Lesson plans, behavior management idea, and any other ideas. My basic plan: help anyone who got drafted into helping out.

Reading: I love to read, and in order to help me read more often, I will post reading challenges and book reviews.

Let me know if there is anything that I can do to be more successful, help any of you, or just all over comments. Enjoy!