4 Steps to Prep Yourself for Back to School (as a teacher!)

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Yes, friends, we are coming up on that time of year again– it’s almost time for back to school. This brings a huge change for music teachers, so how do you get yourself prepped for back to school?

I know some of you didn’t get out until recently (feel free to stick the emails for the next month in a folder and ignore them, as I have don for the past 2 months) but… I have to report to the school NEXT WEEK. 

I am a weird mix of emotions this year, not wanting summer to end, but also excited for the new adventure as I’m headed to a new school. And, of course, a bit nervous about going to a new school.

So… What do you do to get prepped for the new school year? 

I like to spend most of my summer at the pool, so I’ll keep the list pretty short:

1. Ease any anxiety

If you’re nervous or anxious, do something that will help you feel more prepared. That might be finding some new lessons or buying all of the back to school containers at Target (I’m definitely not starting at 25 new containers sitting in my office… but in my defense, I have a new classroom this year! Complete with a new theme…. stay tuned….). 

In my early years, this meant going in early to get my classroom prepped or even coming up with first month of school ideas. 

These days, I don’t typically do that because I already have an idea of what I’m going to do on the first day– the same thing I do every first day of school. (I’ll share more about that later.)

2. Prep yourself

Right now, I’m cleaning an organizing my house, finishing my summer books, tying up loose ends, and making sure that I’m ready for school. When we go back, I don’t want to be stressed about whatever’s going on– I want to be able to focus!

This also includes coming up with an “ideal week” so that I have a schedule for myself of when I need to wake up, eat breakfast, when I’m going to be able to send you emails, what time I leave, what I’ll do in the evenings to make sure I’m intentional with my time. 

3. Have fun!

My main goal for the next two weeks? Spend as much time at the pool as possible. 

Make sure you see your friends, go out in the middle of the day just because, and do some fun stuff!

4. Get excited

And finally, get yourself excited. Find something for this year that you’re excited about– a new classroom layout, a new lesson you can share, etc. 

One of my favorite ways to get myself excited is by learning something I can incorporate into my classroom. 

And what can you incorporate this year…. Centers! (Did you see that coming?)

Now is the perfect time to get centers ideas, learn all about them and how they will change your teacher life, and more. 

Trust me, you’re going to want to try them– especially with those fourth and fifth graders!

Click here to learn more about centers!

Looking for more back to school help? You can get all the information you need in the Back to School Bootcamp! This is a self paced course that includes lessons for the first week, what to do before the kids get there, how to learn names, setting up rules and procedures, and more!

Plus, those lessons I use every year on the first week of school.

Click here to join!

Not sure if it’s for you? If you click the link, you can see ALL of the modules included so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

See you inside!

prep for back to school as an elementary music teacher
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